How much does shipping cost?
We do our best to provide a streamlined, efficient service of getting essentials to your door. Item shipping costs vary based on weight and delivery destination. The good news is any order over $25 will ship completely FREE anywhere in the world!

How long will it take for my products to arrive?
Standard Free Shipping will get your order to your doorstep on average of anywhere from 1-6 weeks. Once we receive your order, it will take up to 6 business days to process and tracking numbers will be sent to you when your package is processed and ready to ship. Shipping time is 1-5 weeks (business days) in the USA and international shipping varies from 1-6 weeks depending on destination.

Why was I refunded?
In the rare instance that a certain product is selling so fast, and multiple orders come in at once, some orders cannot be fulfilled if the item is out of stock. If your order was refunded, this is the most likely case.

Where are your products shipped from?
The product you order and the location of the distributor will determine where your product ships from. Primarily, we work with distributors in the US and China.